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Your Body is a Canvas!

Your body is a canvas... Hmmm what does that mean you may ask?

That means your very existence is a work of art. Clothing is not just a means to stay warm or cover oneself. My clothing is an expression of my heart, of my mind. It is in an interpretation of my creativity and my soul. I love to express myself through my clothing. My body is the temple of the Lord, so I decide to cloth it in holy garments that glorify God. I am a walking billboard for Jesus Christ. Say it with me, " I am a walking billboard for Jesus Christ!" Enjoy yourself and have fun with your attire. It is ok to look nice. It is ok to feel good about how you look. Sometimes just a new outfit can bring an extra boost of joy and add pep to your step. Self confidence is Key. You were made in the image of the Most High. Let your light shine. Be encouraged. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! YOU ARE UNIQUE! YOU WERE CREATED ON PURPOSE FOR PURPOSE! You are a child of a king! ROYALTY!!! Let your light shine!!! BE BOLD FOR CHRIST!!! Do you! Don't worry about what

other's think or say. EXPRESS YOURSELF! DARE TO WEAR Aurrie Janelle 87 HOLY GARMENTS!


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